Are my frequent headaches related to lupus?

It's rarely directly related to the disease activity. Nevertheless, patients with lupus often complain of headaches. Most often, these are so-called "tension" headaches caused by stress and not directly related to lupus (except that stress can be related to having a chronic disease).

Sometimes these are migraines that are unilateral and sometimes preceded by visual disturbances, or sinusitis unrelated to lupus. Rarely, headaches can be indicative of a complication specifically related to lupus, such as a stroke or high blood pressure. In these cases, the headaches resist (or are resistant to) the usual treatments for pain, they persist for several days and are often accompanied by other symptoms. It is necessary to quickly consult your doctor who, after a detailed clinical examination, will evaluate the need to carry out additional neurological examinations (CT scan or brain MRI).


Headaches are not uncommon during lupus.

> These are most often "tension" headaches caused by stress, or banal migraines

> More rarely, these headaches can reveal more severe symptoms.

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