What is therapeutic education?

Everyone today talks about Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE), the subject is fashionable. But what can TPE bring for people with systemic lupus? According to the WHO, "therapeutic patient education aims to help patients acquire or maintain the skills they need to best manage their lives with a chronic disease." In practice, the TPE is a program whose objective is to make you become a partner in your care. It is aimed at patients with a chronic disease in order to help them in a personalised way to live better with their disease: to know it better, explain it better, better manage possible complications and treatments. TPE improves the quality of life, allowing patients to develop knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills. The TPE comes in addition to your usual medical follow-up and does not replace it. The TPE allows you to meet health professionals, doctors, nurses and nursing assistants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dieticians, pharmacists, social workers and psychologists trained and able to answer your needs, questions about the disease and medications, or about the management of everyday life.

TPE activities can be carried out in the form of individual workshops but also in the form of thematic collective workshops depending on the suggested program that allow, for those who wish, to meet other patients with the same disease. These educational activities in the context of systemic lupus are offered by some hospital services.

An initial individual interview is conducted with a caregiver; it allows the caregiver to get to know you, and to take stock of what you are experiencing, what you know and would like to know, about your projects, your resources, your difficulties ... At the end of this interview you will define together your personalised program.


Therapeutic patient education (TPE) is a real step forward in better understanding the disease on several levels. TPE is personalised support that improves the quality of life, allowing patients to develop knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills. It is offered in several lupus expert centres.

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