Is it necessary to have psychological follow-up when you have lupus?

YES, if needed. It can help you during difficult times. Lupus is a chronic disease that can be "difficult" to live with. This condition leads to fatigue, pain and above all a significant psychological impact. The disease can be the cause of personal problems, related to the misunderstanding by relatives and professional difficulties. In difficult times, especially when there is a real exhaustion and a feeling of sadness and discouragement, it is necessary to talk to those around you and if this is not enough, to your healthcare team, including the attending physician and your specialist.

In this case, the intervention of a specialist in these disorders (psychiatrist or psychologist) can be very helpful. Other self-help structures, in particular patient associations, can also make it possible to get through a "difficult" time.


Lupus is a chronic disease that can be difficult to live with. When you are going through a delicate period, you should talk to those around you or to your medical team, who will help you. Psychological help can be temporarily helpful. Do not hesitate, it will help you.

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