Does lupus increase the risk of allergy?

NO, there is no clear evidence of more allergic reactions in lupus, but several situations can be confused with an allergy.

Some lupus patients do not tolerate the sun well which leads to the appearance of red patches (sometimes with itching) on the exposed areas (face, neckline, hands and forearms). This is a phenomenon called "photosensitivity" that is not specific to lupus. It is not an allergy to the sun, but a cutaneous immune phenomenon, induced by the sun.

Some medications can cause flares of lupus, called induced lupus. These forms of lupus are not an allergy to drugs, but an immune phenomenon, induced by drugs.

Either way, a lupus patient can "just like everyone else" have an allergic reaction to a drug. Except in special cases, this allergy will not be anything unusual, but it will be necessary to stop the drug in question.


Lupus does not increase the risk of allergy! Some manifestations, especially cutaneous, can make you think of an allergy. You should know that it can be photosensitisation, that is, an excessive reaction to the sun, or lupus induced by a drug, which is not an allergic phenomenon.

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