Can I practice exercise?

Yes. Sport, or physical activity, can and should be practiced as often as possible. Regular practice of sport is an essential element of well-being for the body and mind. Physical activity also has a beneficial effect on fatigue. Sport without excess maintains muscle strength, which can be impaired by certain treatments, including cortisone. Sport helps fight against cardiovascular diseases, which are more common in lupus. Finally, it helps to control  weight.

Situations where sport should be avoided during lupus are rare. In case of anticoagulant treatment or low platelet counts, there is a risk of bleeding in case of injury (for example, climbing, speed sports or combat sports are not recommended).

Of course, when lupus is flaring, intensive sport should be avoided, but walking or gentle gymnastics can be encouraged as long as they don’t cause joint or muscle pain. The real contraindications are very exceptional: severe polyarthritis in flare, severe cardiac or pulmonary involvement.

LUPUS EUROPE has developed a specific programme to help you exercise, regardless of your current fitness. It contains 5 levels, starting from what you can do when you are stuck in your bed all the way to jumping and aerobics. The program has been endorsed by the European Reference Network ReCONNET and by EULAR, the European League against rheumatism. You can access the program on the LUPUS EUROPE website: