Should I quit smoking?

YES, quitting smoking is essential when you have lupus. Tobacco has been blamed for reducing the effectiveness of synthetic antimalarials, even if it does not alter circulating blood levels of these products. Even if the negative relationship between lupus and tobacco is weaker and less obvious than that which has been established between rheumatoid arthritis and tobacco, quitting smoking is strongly advised, especially because of the risk of accelerated atherosclerosis which is the 1st long-term complication together with the risk of infection.

The following facts have been identified in various studies:

There is an increased cardiovascular risk related to lupus itself (increased risk of cholesterol deposits in the arteries) that further increases the risk of tobacco-related heart attack.

Lupus, especially cutaneous lupus, is more resistant to drugs during smoking.

Tobacco appears to be able to interact with synthetic antimalarials by decreasing their effectiveness.