Can I have a normal sex life?

YES, there is no reason why lupus should prevent you from having a normal sex life... whether you are a woman or a man!

In women, the problems encountered most frequently are psychological.

The disease, which often affects young women, can lead to a loss of self-confidence and may be accompanied by a decrease in libido. This loss of confidence can be accentuated by the difficulties in finding effective contraception because, in active lupus, it is better to avoid pills containing oestrogens. The problem of sexuality is often not discussed with the attending physician, whereas to solve it, it would be necessary to demystify and discuss it.

In some cases, sex life may be impaired by difficulties more directly related to the disease, such as the existence of dry vaginal mucous membranes (Sjögren syndrome), or frequent vaginal infections (mycoses) related to taking medications, including cortisone. To avoid these inconveniences, it may be suggested, in collaboration with the gynecologist, to use moisturising capsules for the vaginal mucosa and measures to reduce the risk of mycosis.

In men, libido or erection disorders are sometimes reported, but organic abnormalities, such as circulatory disorders, are very rare. Most often, they are psychological, or sometimes related to taking a drug, or hormonal dysregulation. It is important to talk to the doctor and to carry out additional examinations that will help to understand these abnormalities.



A completely normal sex life is possible during lupus. You should talk to your doctor to overcome some fears and make sure that there will be no problems, including regarding contraception.

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