Can homeopathy improve my lupus?

No. This is not scientifically demonstrated. Homeopathic treatment cannot replace usual treatment. However, if it is given in addition to that treatment, it does not pose any problem of interference.

Homeopathy uses the same basic products as traditional medicine, but in infinitesimal quantities.

Properly conducted scientific studies (unrelated to lupus) have concluded that homeopathy is ineffective, that is, there is no validated superiority of an homeopathic treatment compared to a placebo. There have never been any studies testing the effectiveness of homeopathic treatments during lupus. However, this does not prevent many patients from using it. It is possible to combine homeopathic treatment with the conventional treatment, as long as it is a homeopathic treatment prescribed by a doctor and obtained from a pharmacy.

However, we must be wary of certain treatments, called "homeopathic", which in fact, are not and contain all kinds of products (corticosteroids, diuretics, anabolics, sedatives ...) that may interfere with conventional treatments.



Homeopathy is not recommended when you have lupus. If you want to take a homeopathic treatment, do not hesitate to talk to your usual doctor, who is taking care of your lupus. In any case, it should not replace the usual treatment of lupus.

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