Is there a relationship between lupus and stress?

Stress can worsen lupus, but it does not cause it.

A "stressful" event in life may boost a lupus flare-up, but stress alone cannot cause the apparition of a lupus. Patients sometimes report that their illness began after an accident, a divorce, etc., but it is difficult to establish the existence of a direct link.

Currently, many scientific works are studying the role of stress on the immune system. Overall, it has been reported that stress can cause a malfunction of the immune system characterised by excess immunity. It is important to try to better manage stress to avoid causing malfunctions.

Several tips can help you

Understand your illness, accept it... thanks to the teamwork of your doctors and loved ones:

Maintain - if possible – physical activity and an active life by calling friends, meeting relatives and being involved in professional or volunteer work.

Do not hesitate to try relaxation exercises and, in case of difficulties, to call on the healthcare team.

You will benefit from the help of a psychologist or a psychiatrist and from support through strategies to better "cope with everyday life".

Thus, staying "zen" is better during an autoimmune disease!


Stress can sometimes worsen lupus, but cannot cause it. It is important to better manage stress after understanding and accepting your illness. Anything that can keep you zen is beneficial!

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